Ostorel is short for Online Store Lists, and can also be reached by visiting OnlineStoreLists.com.

We hope to be a useful resource for as many people as possible that are looking for lists with top online stores and information about each store’s product selection.

Please note that the numbers we dig out from the online stores are rounded off and sometimes they are calculated by rough math so expect there to be some errors here and there. You can let us know if you discover some errors and we’ll get it fixed!

Also, note that due to each store often having different ways of categorizing their product selection sometimes we will only discover parts of their actual selection. You can make a search at the store website or look through their navigation menu to make sure you’ve found all of the products you want to browse.

You might also be interested in checking out our other website called Ostorei. If you use this website you’ll see links called “read more” which takes you to the page at Ostorei where we’ve written in-depth information about the store.

Commercial Partnerships

We have so-called affiliate partnerships with many of the listed online stores. These affiliate partnerships work so that we get paid for sending new customers to these stores. As we do only get paid when sales happen it is in our best interest to link to the best stores that customers actually want to buy from.

About Us

Aleksander Blomquist is the web designer behind this website and he does also work with checking content accuracy. He started out making websites back in 2009.